Books For Gambia

Over 5000 children books shipped! 



The Gambia, also known as “The Smiling Coast”, is the smallest country in West Africa. The Gambia has a 51% literacy rate and people face many challenges in their every day life. Our goal is to gather and ship as many children’s books as possible to be distributed to homes and families with small children. 


The love for books needs to start early in a Child's life. Children need to grow up in homes where they are available for them to see, touch and read. It is a crucial stage in life to introduce them to literature by providing illustrated stories that will catch their attention and start a healthy and fun relationship with reading as early as infancy. With this project we intent to invest in future generations that will grow up with access to books, and read-aloud opportunities. 

There is so much research that attributes academic success to early literacy. For more information about the impact that Early Childhood has on adulthood, please visit the BLOG section. 



There are several ways you can get involved, please see below and choose the option that is best for you:

1. By sharing our posts on you social media accounts.

2. By donating new or preowned books.

3. With a financial contribution for shipping costs and supplies. (DM me)

4. Become a partner or a sponsor.

5. Subscribing to that financially supports the Books for Gambia project.