Hello !

My Name is Jandy Flores, I am a former Early Childhood teacher for bilingual children with Special Needs, and it was within that classroom where  I fell in love with children's books and became passionate about the Science of Behavior.

I now have a Masters’ degree in Special Education and a certification in Applied Behavior Analysis, and I’m using this scientific approach, and my love for children books to assist parents, and Educators help children fall in love with books and take advantage of all the benefits that being a reader brings in life.

I firmly believe in the statement that readers will aid the world to be a better place.

I started my social media accounts with the purpose of keeping myself accountable for reading and promoting literacy to my daughter, and it was during this journey, that I discovered how many other parents and Educators I was also helping to set the foundations to raise readers with strategies based on the Science of Behavior (ABA). Now, I use my social media platforms and my Professional Development sessions to create awareness not just about the importance of Early Literacy, but also about the importance that Early Literacy has on raising inclusive children.

I am part of a mixed family, my daughter is half Mexican, half Gambian, and we currently have the “Books for Gambia'' project, from which we have sent an aprox. of 5000 children books to The Gambia. I have a virtual bookshop called “All children represented” where you can find diverse books by category.

One of the reasons I launched the subscription box was to help finance the Gambia project, but it is also my wish to get books that promote diversity, inclusion, and other values in the hands of the children of America.