"The Piano" - A book review about a Piano's story

In my life, I have known many people who love music, but I have known just a few who LIVE for music. One of them is my dad and the other is Chari Smith, a songwriter and pianist whose passion for music is so vast, that even her daughter Elle Smith was fortunate to inherit that love for arts.

Together, Chari and Elle created a literary masterpiece, a children’s picture book called “The Piano”.  In it, children will be able to experience a beautiful combination of words that describes music in ways only a true musician could present. Phrases like “Bouncy beats” and “sounds that soared, and sank” helps the reader immerse in a musical moment even when there is no sound.

 A story told from the perspective of a musical instrument, but a story that is more than real. A story lived by the very own author, a story that is now inspiring children to love the arts of rhythm. A story that inspires you to try new things, and proves that practice makes you better.

 Elle Smith gave life to this book with her colorful illustrations that enhance the author’s words. A book with a nice flow, and a sudden moment that makes you hold your breath, a book that touches your feelings and a beautiful happy ending that gives hope.

 In the world of children's books, passionate authors make the best books, they portray their passions in the stories and illustrations, and immerse the reader into those feelings. In the world of children's books, we need books that inspire kids to become someone, and to become passionate about something. I have but to say Thank you to Chari and Elle Smith, for sharing that love for music, and by creating this everlasting piece of evidence called “The Piano”, that will forever be shared with younger generations.

The book was published by Black Rose Writing (www.blackrosewriting.com).  This is a formal book review and the opinions expressed are purely my own.