"I am normal and so are you" A book review about finding common ground between the Autistic and the rest of the world.

For one of you, Autism is just a label; and the others, Normal is just a word,”
 - Ashley Eddy, author. 

Lately, the word “Normal” has been very controversial, we find alternatives to the word, like “Neurotipical” or “Regular”, and as for me, I’m  always trying to stay updated to what terms are the “correct” ones to use, because I am terrified of offending anyone who is directly or indirectly affected by a disability.  

One day, I came across a book that had the word “Normal” in its title, and not just that, it was a book written by a mother of a little boy with Autism, so immediately I wanted to know what this mom had to say through her book. 

I am normal, and so are you” is a story that tells us how two young brothers, one with Autism, and the other one without, find common ground in their daily lives. When playing, reading, sliding happens, and sharing feelings like, happiness, fear of the dark, and love, no labels are in between the brothers.

Nguyen Phan is the book illustrator and she was able to capture the story’s essence with her pictures. She provides the reader with bright illustrations and cute characters. Her drawings are similar to cartoons, so I'm sure young readers will be drawn to the book. 

Eddy’s book is one more contribution to a diverse literature world, one where the character has a diagnosis of Autism and tells the story through his perspective. One that tells the rest of the world that there is common ground between Autistic & Normal. One that helps create Autism awareness and acceptance. One that gives hope to families of children with autism and their siblings. 

The book was independently published, and it is also available in Spanish. Learn more at facebook.com/AshleyEddytheauthor

This is a formal book review and the opinions expressed are purely my own.