"A ring Bear?" A book review about taking it literal.

Have you ever thought about the world of confusion children live in when learning their language? Children have to understand all kinds of grammatical rules, but also learn about synonyms, antonyms, sarcasm, and even idioms, words that have a different meaning from what they really mean. 

Christy Brown's book is a great example about how small children can take someone’s words so literally, that, along with their strong imagination, can cause a great deal of drama and of course, a very good and entertaining story. 

 Children’s imagination will always surprise us; they can come up with amazing tales and games that only their young minds can ever create. The ability to “imagine” at an early age is so strong that sometimes feelings get involved and they can go from fun and happy to sad and scared by their own thoughts. 

 In Brown’s book “A ring bear?”, you will find a perfect mixture of language confusion with unlimited imagination that leads our young character into an emotional quest to make his family proud. Not understanding that a “ring bear” is only the person who delivers the bride and groom’s rings at a wedding, this little boy took its literal meaning and imagined himself dressed as a bear at his Aunt Jenny’s wedding. 

 The book also presents colorful and detailed illustrations by Juan Rodriguez. They run along with the story in a simultaneous way. The drawings of the characters are very detailed and demonstrate clearly the emotions throughout the story. 

“A Ring Bear?” is a fun and entertaining story that may help other children understand that sometimes words have different meanings, especially those who are preparing to carry the rings down the aisle on an upcoming wedding. 

 The book was published by Black Rose Writing (www.blackrosewriting.com).  This is a formal book review and the opinions expressed are purely my own.