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Our Club is looking to create a community of parents, caregivers and Educators who understand and are aware of the many benefits that being a reader brings in life.

By joining our club, your kids will not only get our monthly boxes that bring books to life, but parents will also get support and valuable information about the best strategies to inspire the love for books in children.

The BookJoy Club was created with the intention to promote Early Literacy and to help finance the "Books For Gambia" charity project, but is also our wish to promote diversity, inclusion and other values with the books with choose.

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Monthly Subscription Box ages 3 and up

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"With the March box reveal, "The Good Egg" book, I was immediately hooked! All three of my kiddos love this series! The boxes encourage kiddos to love books by pairing them with real life experiences. She is bringing books to life every month for our family and I’m so glad I signed up for her subscription boxes."

Gloria L.
Las Vegas, NV

"The joy of watching my child LOVE an amazing story, blending it with tangible reinforcement and laughter is almost too much. It makes my heart sing!! So, so happy!! Thank you!"

Ashley B.
Houston, TX

The March box from The BookJoy Club it’s been so fun! We loved the book, resources and suggested activities. Noah played for 2hrs and then kept going back.

Tammy V.
Stafford, VA

The activities have been really great in encouraging sequencing, hand-eye coordination and free play. What a wonderful way to pair reading with play-based learning and exploration! It's been a few weeks since she first unboxed her book box, but she's still asking to play with the materials every day! Pairing an interesting book with engaging activities for young readers can inspire a love for reading! Thank you so much, Jandy and Book Joy Club!

Amy K.
Kirkland, WA

Monthly subscription box ages 3 and up

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The BookJoy Club

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